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ia_hdr Newsletter                                                       June 2009
The story of tiny Donut

Ann in Kerry sent in this very touching 'tail' with a happy ending

I have a special story about a rescued kitten, that may be of interest to you. My son runs a pub in Dingle. One afternoon a customer heard weak cat noises coming from the WALL. As they were in a pub, your readers can imagine the first reaction from the staff. But after investigation they all heard the tiny cries.

donutfriendAfter removing fitted furniture, wall panels and years of dust, one of the staff reached into the block wall and pulled out a nearly new born kitten. Its eyes were closed, the cord was still attached and it had a small amount of fur. The front paws were raw from clawing in the dark wall. My son took the cat home and his wife fed it with baby formula from a dropper. Between them they fed and cleaned it every two hours. (Pictured: Anne's grandson, who named the little foundling Donut, is shown cuddling her.)

Arnica was put on the tiny paws, and a nest was made with a hot water bottle in a cardboard box. All the expert advise they got, and rightly so, said it would not survive. It was too young to be separated from its mother and had been through a traumatic experience in the wall. We still have no clues as to how it got into a cavity wall. It must have got lost and fell.

There were one or two shaky days when we thought we lost the battle for Donut.(Named by my grandson, who loves doughnuts.) But, four weeks later, and two hourly feeding and cleaning, and loads of love, Donut is a happy and healthy kitten. Covered in fur, no sore paws, bright eyed, and purring and meowing, and most adorable. 

Her new adopted mother is my two year old grand daughter, who treats her like a play mate. Donut is expected to jump from heights, swim in the paddling pool, walk across the piano keys, and give cuddles when needed. I am so proud of all the family, for the love and care they gave Donut.